Life Begins Again …

My phoenix is continuing to rise above the dark regalia of widowhood, and color is in a dripping watercolor stage. A bit surreal and everything without definite form. I do love it, when compared to the abyss. All of you have endured so much in this last year and a half as well. COVID hasContinue reading “Life Begins Again …”

Sunshine Blogger Award

What a lovely Christmas present. Thank you so much Ink ’em Down for nominating me! You are kind and more than dear. Do visit Ink ’em Down for a diverse blog filled with creative writing, science galore and delicious quotes. The rules first: Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back toContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Why am I Breathless?

Is it from hearing, “I don’t understand what love is and I may come to love you in time.” Devastation Is it from that first high dive plunge? Euphoria Is it because you died? Lost Is it because sunset in the desert bleeds love from the sky? Enthralling Is it from the cacophony of disharmonyContinue reading “Why am I Breathless?”

In My Mind

I still run carefree in bright wild-flowered meadows. I still ride hair flying on thundering hooves. I still call out to that which is Higher. I still touch others then kneel from their gifts. I still believe there is good in the world. I still feel gratitude for all I have lived. I still feelContinue reading “In My Mind”

River of Rage

Some years ago it was necessary to accept and embrace my personal beast within (an ongoing process) thereby bringing a level of balance to the whole. Diving deep and with words streaming onto paper without hesitation … it was a day of miracles, spirit gifting and strong healing. Swift, deep and dark runs the River ofContinue reading “River of Rage”