In My Mind

I still

I still run carefree in bright wild-flowered meadows.

I still ride hair flying on thundering hooves.

I still call out to that which is Higher.

I still touch others then kneel from their gifts.

I still believe there is good in the world.

I still feel gratitude for all I have lived.

I still feel the touch of lips from first kisses.

I still smile with eyes of the girl there upstream.

I still feel the breathing from times of warm loving.

I still send my love based on swirling wellsprings.

I still know my actions have harmed on the way.

I still know forgiveness and hope spring eternal.

I still know that I cannot fix what needs fixing.

I still hear my father’s soft voice as he prayed.

I still know that life is a wheel for the spirit.

I still feel the rush of that walk on the dock.

I still know the sound of hot hardship a’knocking.

I still see the colors of struggles receding.

I still feel the bliss of a sweet wedding day.

I still know that loss has a sting without mercy.

I still feel the pain of a dear life lost fully.

I still know the glow of a miracle’s touch.

I still know my life is a dot on this planet.

I still know that each of us bleed just the same.

I still know that wrongs of our fathers still touch us.

I still feel the shame of it flow in my veins.

I still know we all walk this world path together.

I still feel love thriving in spite of the pain.

I still …

~erb 2018


  1. Your words are like gentle rain, followed by sunlight, on my skin, Walking Owl. So happy to hear your voice here, again… and to feel the warmth of soft tears in my eyes, and that almost-unbearable pain of a lump in my throat at your words, which ring as a universal, undeniable truth.

    This, THIS is what life is (or should be)… the sharing of thoughts and feelings, for the betterment of all. Much love.

    • Diana, I can only imagine the joy of visiting with you in person. It would be a time of great healing to share time with the glorious heart and shining spirit that is the being of YOU. Deep bows, my friend, and love to you and The Prince of All Things Blue.

  2. Oh boy! a gift from our dear Owl spirit! One who never disappoints! I adore the cadence of this offering but above else I affirm the wisdom.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!
    Kisses to you dear Eve!

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