Mother Earth …


Published by TheWalkingOwl

Providing stones of high quality, along with gifts to grow the spirit and bring joy to your place of being.

6 thoughts on “Mother Earth …

    1. Yes … my own … though it feels strange to say that. Some years ago I was extremely ill and had a wee journal on my bedside table. Each day I willed myself to write something uplifting in it … or self-teaching. When that moment came every day it felt like gentle spirits filled my room and guided my exhausted hand. The words flowed into my mind more than I thought them. They were gifts. I am certain you know that drill.

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      1. My friend,
        I am convinced that some of our most profound instructions come to us during our most vulnerable times.
        I had a brush with death in 2012 so I understand.
        Your life is a gift to you and to us!

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