Why am I Breathless?

Is it from hearing, “I don’t understand what love is and I may come to love you in time.” Devastation Is it from that first high dive plunge? Euphoria Is it because you died? Lost Is it because sunset in the desert bleeds love from the sky? Enthralling Is it from the cacophony of disharmonyContinue reading “Why am I Breathless?”

In My Mind

I still run carefree in bright wild-flowered meadows. I still ride hair flying on thundering hooves. I still call out to that which is Higher. I still touch others then kneel from their gifts. I still believe there is good in the world. I still feel gratitude for all I have lived. I still feelContinue reading “In My Mind”

My Four Doors

We all compartmentalize our life experiences and place them in the nooks and crannies of our neural pathways.  I am no different than any other in this regard.  A preference has grown within me over the years to think of my life contemplations as being behind four doors marked Family, Spirituality, Friends and Teachers. TheyContinue reading “My Four Doors”