Smoky Quartz with Actinolite

Smoky Quartz with Actinolite

As so often happens … the astonishing smoky cluster shown came into my life when needed.  Her bounteous nature stayed the course in a deep relationship of respect/reciprocation, giving/receiving, absorbing/purification, healing and letting go.  The journey of this beautiful cluster has now  taken the path to another who has stated much reveling in the healing contained therein.

Smoky quartz with actinolite is a combination strongly imbued with the energy of our wondrous Earth Mother.  Thereby increasing observances and associations with nature; encouraging us to witness it in the balance of wholeness rather than the bits and pieces of life-giving grandeur we witness in the day to day. A heart-opener as well, actinolite increases compassion and brings it abundantly to the fore.  With said abundance as a primary factor, the combination of smoky quartz and actinolite synergistically blend, drawing prosperity while simultaneously providing protection from the darker side of monetary gain.  Always remember, prosperity moves well beyond money and rests with love, creativity, opportunity and more. I am forever grateful to this sweet one for sharing my space and gracing my spirit with her teachings.

I have touched only lightly on the many attributes of this glorious stone combination.  Have you had experience with it?  Do share in the comments below.  My strongest belief is in our delightful ability to learn from one another.

~ Eve ~
The Walking Owl
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