Send Negative Energy Packing

Smoky Quartz Cluster

The ability to absorb and transmute negative energy is number one with Smoky Quartz. The room in which this sweet specimen rested was forever peaceful and I chuckled often at the constant “peace sign” being given by the primary crystal points … each a monument to tranquility, deep security, transparency and release. As with many of the crystal beings in my home over the years, this one has moved on as a giveaway to live with one who needs it more.  Just as you may feel a deep association when holding a crystal that is meant for you; so to does the same crystal eventually become intent upon finding the next point of need in this wonderfully connected dimension in which we live.

When working with crystals of any kind I recommend you research their common metaphysical meaning(s) and then forge a relationship that is unique to your personal way of being.

Bring smoky quartz into your circle of stones.

~ Eve ~
The Walking Owl
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