Quotes – by E. R. Brown

~ View yourself through the day as an observer.  Do you love the person you are watching?

~ Step to the center of the Medicine Wheel and know that YOU are the Sacred Fire.

Did you walk alongside another today?  Would they say you had been fully present?

Visualize a sun-dappled thin sheet waterfall in every door you pass through today.  Allow it to refresh and awaken you into the next moment.

When engaging with another, let your mind shift ever so slightly … and feel the touch of light between you.

~ Stand firm in the East of the Medicine Wheel, and fully embrace this day as a new beginning.

Walk lightly, carry compassion, and leave no tracks.

Step onto the path of this Great Creation … our abundant Earth Mother.  Feel bliss rise from the soles of your feet.

Reach for the light within and manifest it outward.  The flow of your day will reflect this transition.

Take the time to embrace yourself today.  Know the jewel that you are.  Feel the blessing and healing touch of appropriate self-love.

Walk with others along their way.  Be fully present and hone your skills of deep listening.  This way of being will nourish your spirit.

Is there time set aside on your calendar of many things … for you?

Raise your palms … look up … and as a plant to the sun … feel the gift.

Breathe deep … drawing the essence of the Earth Mother into your being.  Hear the singing of your cells.

Fall upward into the sky bowl.  Feel the inevitable one-ness.

You are a precious human being.  I encourage you to own said preciousness … and revel in it.

Step quietly onto the path provided you today by the Earth Mother.  Touch the soft underbelly of the Divine.

Develop a practice of sending your light with pure intent. Heal and shape the world for generations to come.

~ On the altar of What May Come, light the candle of Here and Now.  Gaze on that sweet flame and set yourself free.

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