River of Rage

Some years ago it was necessary to accept and embrace my personal beast within (an ongoing process) thereby bringing a level of balance to the whole. Diving deep and with words streaming onto paper without hesitation … it was a day of miracles, spirit gifting and strong healing.

Swift, deep and dark runs the River of Rage.
Bless me now,
cleanse me with sweetgrass and sage.

Come, dear Grandfather and lend me your knee,
To sit ‘neath your wisdom while learning to see
– how the water roils down to the great cavern keep,
– where what lives there is sullen and never asleep.

Please tell me, Grandfather, in words warm with love,
How must I now raise this worn creature above?”
Grandfather sat tall in his old cane back chair,
‘side the window that looked on eternity there.

From my place at his knee, I looked into his face,
While his slow, quiet voice said, “It isn’t a race
– to bring up what lies in those caverns within,
– filled so richly with lessons the Medicine wins.

Be kind to it, child…the great beast living there,
For it feeds on what you send down river to share.”
I sat in the stillness, head still on his knee,
Feeling loved beyond words as he sat there with me.

His face was warm gold in the window’s soft glow,
And with rustle of skins, his hand raised toward me slow.
As he lifted my chin to look strong in his face,
He said, “Must you know more, child, while here in this place?”

“Grandfather, I must know one thing ‘fore I wander,
On back to my home, in that life over yonder.
Will it come with me willingly into The Wheel,
To confront and caress it, and bring it to real?”

Grandfather’s full love flowed warm down over me,
And I knew his next words would lead me more to see.

“Dive deeply, my child, in the River of Rage.
Swim strongly and free from the old mental cage
That envelops us, binds us, and holds us so taut,
When it needn’t be so, as it’s only for naught.

It waits for you there, in a way most surprising.
The love it feels for you is raw – no disguising.
This beast is so lonely, and wants to be with you,
To integrate, balance, and sing praise for rescue.

As you rise in the still-pool, within the dark keep,
Adjust to the dark – you will find it asleep.
But not so! For the glint of its eyes will bring light,
To this darkest of places, so far beyond night.

Red scales shine like fire licks, low glowing as embers.
Its wings rustle soft as it fights to remember.
The snarling that greets you is loud, long and strong.
Fear not, child, run toward it. You’ve done nothing wrong.

Midst stomping, fire-breathing and tail thrashing, too,
Burns a flame in its belly, a longing for you.
Climb swift on its body, ride high on its back,
Wrap your arms ‘round its neck, steer its head toward the track.

Toward the still-pool you entered, you both must take flight.
You’ll know it succumbs when its scales cool to white.
Slide into the still-pool, merge quick with the River.
Push hard and break water to see the great sliver.

Grandmother Moon shines on The Medicine Wheel.
The goal for both travelers to rest, share and heal.

The large, lonely beast rises slow from the deep.
Curled warm in the wing down, the warrior’s asleep.
Dirge walking, exhausted, its scales glistening white,
It centers itself in The Wheel, on this night.

On waking, the warrior finds joy in the knowing,
The center is won, and the Sacred Fire’s glowing.
Ancestors are present, the Council is High,
Much work to be done, child, for morning is nigh.”

Swift, deep and dark runs the River of Rage.
Bless me now,
cleanse me with sweetgrass and sage.

~erb 2010


  1. Dearest Eve!

    I really don’t have the words to express just how beautiful this piece is. And to think–these words streamed onto your paper- just like that! What is going on here is more than just a person writing poetry—this is God inspired! Absolutely God inspired!

    By the way, I was looking for the button but all I see is the button and honestly speaking, I ain’t never anything before; at least not on WordPress. LOL!!

    Having said that, I’m ! I’m a little bummed because reblogging allows one to add an extended commentary about whatever it is that they are reblogging–not sure if that’s the case when you ……. We shole ’bout to find out LOL!!!

    You already know that I am Diana Ross in my head so I don’t really reblog–I can’t be sharing my stage with Flo and Mary and them….. LOL!!!

    But….er…um…in this case, I gladly hand it over to you!

    I’m in good company: Eve, The Owl and the “Great Taker of Wheels!”

    • What was it Diana said, “Don’t you GET in my way!” I made that up. LOL! You are so funny, my friend, and ever so kind of heart. Thank you for all your doings tonight. 🌹

      Your words “God inspired” would be deeply the truth in this case. It was a bad time in my head and when I cried out from that particular place of despair … well … I got the business dropped right into my pen. Truly it was/is humbling and healing. My response to your comment seems to have become a testimony. ✨ Let the truth land where it should.

  2. This comment now makes no sense as WP removed a few words because I used HTML coding conventions like a big dummy. I was trying to say that I have never used the “press this” button and I couldn’t find the “reblog button” but I put those terms between the “greater than and less than signs” which for all intents and purposes removed them from my comment! I sure hope you can make out what I was saying.

    Decode it by putting “press this” or “reblog this” in front every case of the word “button.” LOL!!!

    • This button thing got me to laughing so hard and remembering my son when he was probably three. He could not pronounce the letter R very well and also had a thing about any kind of button to press. He was forever pointing at them and saying, “Pess it!” or “Pess it?” Whether a statement or question, it was hilarious. The “press this” button is now the “Pess It” button in my mind. 😜

      Thank you kindly for the pingback. 💜

      • PESS it, I SAY!!!
        Why does that make me want to say “Hasenpfeffer!” Do you remember that from Bugs Bunny?
        LOL!!!!! This is too much fun!
        Anyway, I am happy to see that a few of my friends have come for a visit 🙂
        They will surely be back. Everybody that I see here is phenomenal in their own right 🙂 No doubt they appreciate all of the good stuff that you have to share 🙂 We’ll all be back soon. Peace, love and light to you my friend!

        • I am learning so much about WordPress in our conversation here. For some reason I have not been able to reply to comments posted. Just checked my settings and it was not allowing response to a nested conversation beyond 3 levels deep. Who knew!

          As for “Hasenpfeffer” … indeed I do remember. “Did you say HASenPFEFFer!?!” Love plenty of Bugs!

          There HAVE been some good souls passing through, and I feel re-engaged with WordPress. Thank you for helping me get back in the swing. Last night I found myself up and reading the life wisdom of said souls mentioned above. It is an amazing community here.

          Full moons of light uponst ye! 🌹

    • Thank you for stopping by, Denzil, and I appreciate your kind words and thoughts. Love your use of the word “chill.” For sure, at the time of the writing, there was a chill at my core.

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