Stand Up


6 Comments on “Stand Up

    • Well … it IS a little scary when thought of in future tense. Strange thing about it though … there will come a day when you ARE ready and next thing you know you will be doing it without any thought. It is intrinsic to our nature, and yes, it is strongly shaped by our personal upbringings. For some that is a deeply sad thing. The spontaneous spark of love and concern for others along with the ability to take action may be awakened no matter our current way of being. When a day of motivation comes, you, my dear and brave-heart friend, are up for it. Perhaps some phrases to soften the scary are “being with” and “walking alongside” … quite often equally as powerful as standing up. Love you, Emily, and am thinking of your beautiful Aliza. Warm hugs.


    • You and all the rest of us. 🤗 It is near to impossible for complete “droppage” of our self-constructs. We may for sure bust through now and then … some through meditation and most via spontaneous and self-surprising actions. Interesting thing when it is happening … there are wonderfully imagined symbolic sounds in the psyche of huge stone blocks falling away.


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