8 thoughts on “We All Glisten

  1. So LOVE this message, O Wisest of Owls. We DO all glisten–and shine, glow, radiate, and sparkle!–and must never allow either ourselves to forget how very brightly our own inner lights shine… or how fantastically our friends’ lights glimmer. 🙂

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    1. Having read your blog this evening and now knowing of your everlasting pancreatic pain … it brings a precious quality to your kind words. Thank you. I can only imagine the intensity of what you endure in your day-to-day. My father suffered as you are doing, and my nephew’s wife is in the hospital with it as I am writing this. So dire. You are in my prayers, and I do not speak those words airily. Thank you for your light. I feel it in your written words. ~Eve

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