Feel the Gift


Raise your palms … look up … and as a plant to the sun … feel the gift.  

                                                                                                      ~ E. R. Brown ~


  1. Beautiful message Eve! So glad we have people like you to remind us of the important things.
    Also, I really dig the new layout! Very nice 🙂
    Quick question, do you go to those large gemstone shows? I’m asking because my best friend went to one in Seattle on yesterday (Saturday).
    We love stones!
    I am going to be in the market for something new so I’ll be checking out your inventory.
    Girl I need to get my love, peace, harmony, abundance, success and protection on!
    Wait for it….

    • Thank you, dear Lady G. ❤️ I so love hearing from you. For sure you are a blessing to many, both here on WP and in your local community and family.

      I like the new layout, too. Much more simple and effective. The only way to go. Let’s hear a big YAAASSSSS on that!

      As for the gem shows, I dooooooo go to them 😍 though did not yesterday. One can never have enough of the Stone People.

      Welcome to, and thank you in advance for perusing my little shop. It is a labor of love with a splash of survival. I am certain you know that drill. Hoo Haw!

      Peace on the path, my friend.


      • Awww…See I needs My Eve and her Walking Owl ! Y’all so good for my ego!
        And, of course, I feel you on that whole labor of love–splash of survival thing. But you have to admit that it doesn’t feel as much like work when you do something that you enjoy and feel passionate about 🙂

  2. 🤗🌹🤗 For sure I am passionate about stones. Just a woo-woo woman gone wild! The only way to go … and … you deserve every one of those ego buffin’ words. Indeed you do.

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