The Roof Hole Stars


Wild hair blows in the crisp night breeze
Moonlight travel in the “Too cold!” freeze
Throat frost pain in the run to warm
Grandmother Moon looks down; no alarm

“Where go you child, running fast and far?”

“To the barn, and the hay, and the roof hole stars!
They are all I need, dear Grandmother mine.”

“Hurry on, little one, you will be just fine.”

                                                                    ~ E. R. Brown ~

Watercolor Up Late by Lance Weisser


    • Thank you for your sweet words. Isn’t it wonderful how the precious memories from “child mind” grow our spirits during our adult years … if called upon. Kisses to Sir Bloo … and you.

  1. Oh I love this! Grandmother moon is always watching over! “You’ll be just fine.”
    How comforting that is!
    You’re never alone when she is around.

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