Do you have a special place?


Yes indeed, and you can see it above; my childhood home in Southern Illinois, just waiting for me to bust though the screen door … slammity bammin’ it to beat the band.  My formative years were blessed with this environment and my mind still seeks to rest there. Silent walks in blazing moonlight through high-drifted snow; rain-washed hot days with bare toes mud-bathing in fresh plowed fields; cornsilk rolling and grapevine smokes (hack ack ack); spooky corn shocks (shuck stacks) marching the morning mist, and my particular favorite … sunlight streaming through barn walls bringing hay to glitter.

Then came a different day than all the rest. This sweet farm home was lifted into the eye of an EF5 tornado while below the destruction of 18 outbuildings took place.  Sliding down the writhing trunk of the wind of winds we were set down with a subtle thump, leaving very nearly only the bedroom in which we rode it out.  Cuts and bruises were the only injuries. The family psyche has forever been altered by this event, though not negatively.  Each of us accepted the change quite well and despite long-term adjustments … along with purposeful “round the kitchen table” therapy sessions …  it was and is unanimously seen as a necessary movement in our particular wheel of living that relocated and thereby introduced us to new life directions.  We were collectively blessed by the miracle of survival and the push toward new beginnings.

Though my personal sanctuary ended abruptly, it is still the place most sought in my mind’s eye when times are hard or there is simply need for a touch of peace. Meditation often includes the aroma of sun-warmed pears just out of reach on a wild tree climb, raucous pecan tumblings to a tin roof on a breezy day, honey bee buzz in the chimney flu, or Jack Frost forming woodland trails on the morning window panes.

I would imagine my last thoughts will include a remnant of these precious memories.

There is a beautiful postscript to this story and it is shown below. Not long ago a dear friend and artist extraordinaire (S. A. Kerr) gifted me with a painting of my special place.  I am in awe of her talent and the absolute replication of my heart.


~ Eve ~
The Walking Owl
For the love of stones … and more …


  1. Eve,
    You painted such a vivid picture of your childhood in this enchanted place. I probably could have visualized it without the photos! But with that said, your dear friend really did gift you with a beautiful painting. I love the way the light shines in that ‘just right way’ to create feelings of nostalgia and magic.
    By the way, any family that decides to move forward in a positive way after a cyclone is awe inspiring.
    Excellent! I loved it!

  2. …What a Fabulous writer you are Eve..your use of words never ceases to amaze me.. (now I know where those rascals get it from)..But seriously (as a good friend says)..reading the writings was so real it is like watching a movie..I wish you much Luv & Success Lovely girl…Scarlet Rose..xx

    • Your words mean so much, Scarlet. Especially coming from perhaps the most talented writer I know. During our impromptu times of great fun, your ability to move a storyline along in the most creative and hilarious way possible was/is without equal. Thank you for the blessing of your good wishes. Peace on the path, dear friend. You are loved. ❤

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