My Dear Friend – The Rock


I can still see my own tiny hand resting on the smooth river rock that charmed my mind as a sleeping companion for many formative years. Simple colors of grey, cream, beige, and brown swirled within its weighty cosmetic appeal and if given the choice of a teddy bear night-time comforter in lieu … … never!

Neural pathways built upon that endearing stone contain dreamtime fantasies of wild rivers, roaring waterfalls, clear tumbling creeks, and still mountain pools with undulating water grasses.  No family member is surprised my life has within it a bevy of stones.  “She was a funny little girl.  Sleeping with that rock, you know.”

I never knew what happened to my dear friend, the rock. Through all these years it has been a fond memory and a beloved anchor in my soul toward times of unfettered simplicity. On a summer’s day along a woodland creek it is still a sweet ritual to place my hand in the soft moving water and rest it on the rounded comfort of another river rock incarnation … teasing me with its inanimate ruse.

~ Eve ~
The Walking Owl
For the love of stones … and more …


  1. Okay, so meet your ‘funny little girl’ twin! That was me! Funny as in funny but also funny as in STRANGE/WEIRD!
    I always ascribed humanlike qualities to ‘inanimate’ objects-long after that phase of development should have passed.
    In fact, I still do.
    That said, thanks to the subject of Physics, the rest of the world is learning what you and I already knew!
    Your rock was a living thing and thus it provided great comfort and companionship!
    What a very nice memory!

  2. Ah … thank you, my twin. 🤗 So happy to meet you. Your words have me smiling ear to ear. In my family I have become the somewhat eccentric Aunty Mame. Woo Woo and Wonderful … and not without flaws! LOLOL!! Wouldn’t have it any other way. Bless you on your journey with our “inanimate” and soul touching friends. WOOT!

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